Encounters with
the (Im)material

Encounters with
the (Im)material

Wits Art Museum,

March- July, 2023

Wits Art Museum, March- July, 2023

This exhibition explores the ways in which the material and immaterial are

connected in the museum through the interrelations between artworks, artists,

curators, audiences and ideas. Artworks are the material expression of artists’

ideas. Traces of how artworks are created are one way the relationship between

the artist and their thoughts are made visible. Curators propose ways of

interpreting artworks by creating relationships between them in exhibition

spaces. Audiences come to their own interpretations of art by engaging with the

meanings that artworks hold for them, as well as the ideas presented through

the curators’ arrangement. By embodying meanings about the imaginary, social

and spiritual worlds, artworks collapse notions of the material with the


Artworks from the Wits Art Museum holdings that explore matter, spirituality,

agency, and music are included in order to pose questions about what art is, and

how we might understand the relationship between the seen, the invisible, and

the audible. Multiple audiences’ roles in making meanings from their encounters with 

artworks are foregrounded in this exhibition.

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The installation photos below were taken by Kiara Lauren Affat.